Base Station

Base Station - Chios Island
Its great history, the number of monuments and the crystal clear beaches are only some of the reasons that make Chios Island a unique choice among other Greek Islands. We invite you to visit Chios and discover [...]

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Daily Cruises

Sailing to Oinousses Island (9 n.M)

Starting from Chios port we sail northeast towards the island of Oinousses. We anchor the boat near the coast and we enjoy the crystal clear waters of the island complex. We end up to the local port where we can walk around the narrow roads and enjoy an “ouzo” [...]

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General Information

Visiting Chios - Tips

The Northeast Aegean Islands are relatively large in size,
independent and have a reach history, a lot of attractions and a plethora of available services.
Each island has its own distinctive characteristics [...]

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Weekly Cruises

Happy Sailing Vroulidia

Sailing Culture at Mesta Port (9 n.M)

Starting from Limnia, Volissos, we sail south towards Mesta port on the sea route on which merchants of the old times used to sail. We anchor our boat to the port and head for the traditional medieval settlement [...]

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