Happy Sailing Vroulidia

Sailing Culture at Mesta Port (9 n.M)

Starting from Limnia, Volissos, we sail south towards Mesta port on the sea route on which merchants of the old times used to sail. We anchor our boat to the port and head for the traditional medieval settlement of Mesta. We walk around in the castle-village learning all about its picturesque pathways. From Mesta port we sail back to Limnia ending our excursion.

Chios - Fournοι - Akrioi - Agathonisi - Leipsoi - Leros - Pythagorio - Chios




Trip Description

50 n.miles

Departure from Chios port on Saturday at 10.00. Destination: Fournoi Island for swimming and overnight stay.

15 n.miles

Departure on Sunday at 10.00. Destination: Akrioi Island. Learn from the residents about the bays of the island and visit them.

18 n.miles

Departure on Monday at 10.00. Destination: Agathonisi Island with overnight stay. Cruise around the island and enjoy the spectacular view.


Departure on Tuesday at 10.00. Destination: Leipsoi Island with overnight stay. Visit the island bays and experience its unique tranquility.


Departure on Wednesday at 10.00. Destination: Leros Island with overnight stay. Explore the island and enjoy its greenery.

38 n.miles

Departure on Thursday at 10.00. Destination: Pythagorio at Samos Island with overnight stay. Enjoy the benefits of the newly constructed port.

68 n.miles

Departure on Friday at 08.00. Destination: Chios Island. Estimated arrival time: Friday 18:00.

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