General Information

In order to chart a yacht, two member of the crew should own a sailing license. If such qualification is not possible, then you have to chart one of our sailing skippers along with the yacht.

Take your bathing suit, your hat, your sunglasses, your comfortable shoes and some warmer clothes for the evening.

Equipped with all these, you and your family or friends are ready to sail. After a detailed examination, you have the vessel delivered, with its standard equipment, cleaned up, with its fuel and water tanks full and two gas tanks in the kitchen.

Your single obligation is to return the vessel in the same condition as you received it (in terms of fuel and cleanliness).

The services of the skipper and the food supplies are not included in the fixed price.

Payment Procedures

After the confirmation of the fare (by email or fax) or the contract signing, you have to deposit the advanced payment (50%) at the company's bank account.

Payment is as follows: 50% of the cost is paid upon signing the contract through a bank account or credit card.

The remaining 50% is paid two weeks before the departure or no later than when the boat receipt, in cash or by credit card (Master Card or Visa).

Fare Guarantee

During your boarding to the yacht, you should give a guarantee (cash, check or visa), which is given back upon return and if there is no damage to the yacht. In case of damage, it will be estimated and the corresponding amount of the repair will be deducted.

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