Chios - Fournοι - Akrioi - Agathonisi - Leipsoi - Leros - Pythagorio - Chios

Day Distance Trip Description
1 50 n.miles

Departure from Chios port on Saturday at 10.00.  Destination: Fournoi Island for swimming and overnight stay.

2 15 n.miles

Departure on Sunday at 10.00.  Destination: Akrioi Island. Learn from the residents about the bays of the island and visit them.

3 18 n.miles

Departure on Monday at 10.00.  Destination: Agathonisi Island with overnight stay. Cruise around the island and enjoy the spectacular view.

4 18 n.miles

Departure on Tuesday at 10.00.  Destination: Leipsoi Island with overnight stay. Visit the island bays and experience its unique tranquility.

5 9 n.miles

Departure on Wednesday at 10.00.  Destination: Leros Island with overnight stay. Explore the island and enjoy its greenery.

6 38 n.miles

Departure on Thursday at 10.00.  Destination: Pythagorio at Samos Island with overnight stay. Enjoy the benefits of the newly constructed port.

7 68 n.miles

Departure on Friday at 08.00.  Destination: Chios Island. Estimated arrival time: Friday 18:00.


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