The port of Volissos


volissos-limenasAs the main defense stronghold of north Chios almost 40klm north-west of Chios town stands Volissos, a picturesque settlement built amphitheatrically on the slopes of a hill next to the coast. It is the center of the entire villages spread east and west of the mountain of Amani contained various fortifications-watch towers, signal towers. Much more impressive are the remains of the Fortress of Volissos built in an advantageous position, at an altitude of 230 meters, providing the visitor with excellent view. Its unique architecture is of a trapezoid shape with six circular towers while inside there (is) are several constructions, reservoirs and churches, as well as a tunnel connecting the Castle with the sea and the neighbourhood of Pithonas. Volissos is less than a 1klm away from the Limnia Port which features café-bars and seafood taverns.

Lefkathia Beach: Lefkathia, the most well known beach of NW Chios is within a 2-minute walk to Limnia Port. It is an organized beach that consists of thick sand and small pebbles that reach the shore. It is well-known for its crystal clean waters and the unspoilt surrounding. The beach is a great inspiration for various water sports and games under the sun. It has perfect conditions for the children due to the shallow waters.

Limnos Beach: Sandy beach with cold and crystal clean waters. Lies 10 minutes away on foot from Limnia Port. There are taverns in the area serving fresh seafood as well as café-bars and a night club!

Managros Beach: It is a wonderful beach with thick sand, pebbles of any kind graduation and deep, clear and crystal waters, ideal for swimming and sunbathing. It is one of the biggest shores in the Island with 40.000 square meters in extent.

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