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mesta4Discover Mestá, the famous traditional medieval settlement located 35klm south-west of Chios town. Dating back to medieval times, has recently come into the public's awareness as one of the most well preserved medieval villages in the world. It is a wonderful place to explore a way of life that no longer exists in any other part of the world. Upon entering the gateway of the castle, the "Door of the Captain", you will sense the awe-inspiring atmosphere of this medieval village, which was built during the Genoese domination, and is a model of defensive architecture. To protect the village and their precious product, the inhabitants of Mesta, one of the mastic producing villages (collectively named Mastihohoria) had to turn their village into impregnable castles; this is where Mesta owes its name and creation.

mesta3Admire the three preserved castle towers, the ancient churches and the magnificent stone houses. Mesta is built out of sight from the sea and surrounded by high walls with a central tower that was the last resort in case the walls were breached by the Arabic pirates who raided the coasts of the Mediterranean. Houses themselves were small individual fortresses, build side-by-side to each-other, so tightly that there are only two entrances to the village. The streets were also designed for defensive purposes, narrow and dark and most of them covered with arches and vaults. Such unusual protection of the local people was only offered because they were most valuable for their knowledgeable skills related to mastic production.

Mesta port lies 4klm away from Mesta village.

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