The five small islands, two miles off the northeast coast of Chios island, are known as Oinousses, by the name of the bigger of them. In antiquity the island was famous for its fine wine and believed that the root of the word wine derives its name Oinousses. During the Greek Revolution of 1821, residents were forced to leave the island and returned there only after 1827. But the difficulties did not end with their return to the islands. Τhe Turkish conqueror was very strict with them. Unaffordable taxes eventually led most of the men at sea. Many of them were later ship owners and today some of the most rich and famous owners worldwide come from this small island.

On the island is one of the largest merchant marine school in Greece. There is a small hotel, some rooms to let, cafeterias, restaurants and many pleasant beaches. There is regular boat connection with the city of Chios during the summer and many travel agencies organize trips to the island. These tours often include approach to coastal villages of the island (like the famous Langada taverns), making these trips a perfect combination of sea, sun and Greek cuisine.

The port of Oinousses is located 9 miles away from the port of Chios and can accommodate several boats.


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